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The Summer activities are in full swing and everyone is hitting it hard at work and at play.   Sweat in Style Fitness has a mission to keep all you hard working ladies motivated with access to a wide variety of women's workout apparel and fitness accessories to help you stay looking great and in fashion all summer long!  
Cardio is the easiest way to feel the burn as warm temperatures give you easy access to the great outdoors for walking, running or swimming. Whatever your fitness level now's definitely a great time to exercise and of course the right workout clothes make all the difference to get you started and keep your focus.   Check out our quality vendor's latest Cardio collections that always line up fit with function in tops and bottoms. Don't forget to look at our exercise accessories that help round off your routines.
Stay cool and comfortable during those long runs with a chic crop top or try that new yoga pose confidently wearing a colorful pair of unique but functional leggings.    If you're the on the go type then we still got you covered with clothing and accessories, so no excuses for fitting in that workout at home or on the road. Comfortable and breathable workout clothing is so important no matter what routine you are following, and we offer a large selection of ladies apparel with your fitness niche in mind. 
Great workout gear can make all the difference when finding your motivation.  Sweat In Style Fitness will never stop looking for the most effective gear and accessories to help you reach your goals and we always welcome your feedback and suggestions on what's popular and effective.  We constantly include travel gear so you do your favorite exercises while hitting the road for that summer vacation.   Whether it's strength training, flexibility or endurance training, we want to keep you covered. 
If you are not the hardcore, push it to the limit workout fanatic, then check out our wellness, nutrition pages and chime in on our Facebook page to give us your tips for what you think is most effective and we'll work to bring it to our fitness community. Last but not least,  if you have to be stuck behind a desk all day there are still ways to keep health in mind. Look at our fit office for some ideas!
Sweat in Style Fitness is dedicated to bringing you the best in quality fitness and wellness products, stop in often as we are continually growing and encourage the women's fitness community to not only benefit from our offerings but to help drive them.  Please stay in touch via social media and keep the likes and sign-ups coming! We've had a very good response and what drives us is women achieving their goals through fitness and fashion.  Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest and check out our blog.