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Fall is back and the Holidays are not far behind!   Sweat in Style Fitness continues our mission to keep all you hard working ladies motivated with access to top quality and fashionable women's workout apparel all year round.  This year we are introducing the start of our NEW "FITSPIRATION 24/7" category.  We know the biggest challenge is staying motivated and we are on a mission to make a difference!  
Cardio is still the easiest way to feel the burn as you move from outdoors running back into hitting the inside of a gym.  Show off your Summer body at the gym with some stylish running leggings while you rock your favorite piece of cardio equipment.  Not ready to surrender to the change of seasons just yet? You can still bundle up and get in some outside walking and running just shop our seasonable lines for the colors to make you stand out.  Whatever your fitness level is, and hopefully it's a little higher coming off of Summer,  the right workout clothes make all the difference to keep you focused and motivated.   Check out our quality vendor's latest Cardio collections that always line up fit with function in tops and bottoms. Don't forget to also look at our exercise accessories that help round off your routines.
Don't let the shorter daylight hours cramp your fitness style.  Accept no excuses for not fitting in that workout at home or on the road when you check out our on the go assortment of athleisure apparel. Comfortable and breathable workout clothing is so important no matter what season and what routine you are following, and we offer a special selection of ladies apparel with your fitness niche in mind. 
Great workout gear can make all the difference when finding your motivation.  Sweat In Style Fitness will never stop looking for the most effective gear and accessories to help you reach your goals and we always welcome your feedback and suggestions on what's popular and effective.  We constantly include travel gear so you do your favorite exercises while hitting the road be it Summer vacation or Holiday family road trips.   Whether it's strength training, flexibility or endurance training, we want to keep you covered. 
Whether you are a hardcore, push it to the limit workout fanatic or just looking for some inspiration and fitness tips, we encourage you to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages and share your tips for what you think is most effective for your style of staying fit, happy and healthy.  We'd love all of you to join our fitness community of supportive and motivated ladies! 
Sweat in Style Fitness is dedicated to bringing you the best in quality fitness and wellness products, stop in often as we are continually growing and encourage the women's fitness community to not only benefit from our offerings but to help drive them.  Please stay in touch via social media and keep the likes and sign-ups coming! We've had a very good response and what inspires us is motivating women to achieve their health and fitness goals.  Follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Don't forget to also check out our latest blogs for our new line of motivational products in our "FITSPIRATION 24/7" category!