Nutrition and Wellness to compliment your fitness programs


Here at Sweat in Style Fitness, we believe that is important to feed your body well for optimal health and wellness.  Sometimes that can be tough with a busy schedule, which is why we have chosen to offer wellness products that will help keep you at your peak and round off your complete fitness lifestyle.


If you work in an office, you’ll want to browse through our fit office collection for inspirational ideas on how to stay fit and active while working.  It is a well-known fact that sitting all day is unhealthy, but so is standing all day!  Bring movement into your static workday with the Active Office Board. By adjusting this simple platform you can subtly adjust movement on the board which will build balance and help stabilizing muscles.  We also offer ball chairs and slant boards for additional strength and flexibility.


Sweat in Style Fitness is all about fitness, wellness, and healthy nutrition to help you maintain an active healthy lifestyle.  Browse through our nutrition collection for a selection of colorful water bottles.  Staying hydrated while working out is so important, and with any one of our sports bottles, you’ll be able to bring along your infused water wherever you go.    Jump start your metabolism with citrus infused water today!


Supplements and vitamins are easy to find and often important to add to your daily routine, but with such a wide variety of fitness routines and supplement selections, we feel this is an area best served by you making your choices after doing some research. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for periodic trending articles on health and nutrition.  Also, check out our Blog and  Helpful Fitness Links for great sources of articles and information in the Fitness community.