Battle through your kickboxing workout in style!


Sweat in Style Fitness offers the best in trendy kickboxing workout apparel and gear to power you through even the toughest workout.  Kickboxing is a great general fitness workout and one that requires little gear, so it can be done at home or in the gym.

Our kickboxing tops will keep you comfortable and cool throughout your workout.  Our compression bras keep you covered while also keeping you stylishly cool, plus they include extra chest protection for when you’re training or during competition.  Pair with our kickboxing bottoms for a colorful combination that will keep you looking stylishly chic while completing your workout.

Sweat in Style Fitness also offers a terrific selection of kickboxing gear and accessories to complete your workout.    Check out our hand wraps created with the perfect blend of spandex and polyester to create a custom fit and fabulous protection for your hands.    We also carry the TITLE soft strike banana heavy bagthe ideal choice for a professional workout but less rigid for a woman's softer hands.    Add a pair of fitness gloves and you’re ready for action!

Kickboxing is one of the highest calorie burning workouts available, tone your entire body while building self-confidence and even self-defense and we want to be your choice when it comes to apparel and gear.  Shop with us today for all of your fitness needs.