About Us


"Be Your Own Fitspiration" -Ericka Axtle - Owner & President


At Sweat In Style Fitness my mission is to foster confident, fit and strong women, to help them be empowered with fitness motivation throughout their entire day or what I like to call my Fitspiration 24/7 philosophy ♥. Inspiration and motivation can be achieved in a lot of ways, from feeling fit, beautiful and positive, to helping ourselves and others reach even the smallest of goals. 

I started Sweat In Style Fitness in hopes of promoting fashionable fitness and well-being products that help women self-motivate themselves to stay focused while working hard to achieve their goals.  I've partnered only with quality vendors and manufacturers who share my same passion and vision of promoting a happy and healthy women's lifestyle.
I strongly believe that life is better when you look and feel your best.  What better way to achieve your goals than through products that fuel your health, confidence and fitness motivation.  I openly invite you to join our fitness family by following us on Facebook and Instagram and be part of our journey together on building the brand that helps motivate women to find their inner strength and beauty. ♥

Much love and success

Stay in Inspired, Fit & in Style!!