Roam Folding Yoga Mat Red Rock

Roam Folding Yoga Mat  Red Rock
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Red Rock Mat

A rolling stone may gather no moss, but a rolled up mat is pretty hard to gather up into your luggage. That’s why ​Sweat in Style Fitness' created the unique Roam Folding Yoga Mat expressly for the yogi always on the move. Though it still provides the length and support you need to flow through a wide range of poses, this mat is designed to easily fold flat into a convenient one-foot square that can lie flat in a suitcase or simply slide into a backpack. To protect it during transport or storage, it fits snuggly into a custom-fitted bag made of recycled polyester. The mat itself is made from an innovative material that is better for the environment and healthier for you than those standard PVC foam mats, making the Roam Folding Yoga Mat a great and green travel companion wherever you may roam. 24"x 69" when unfolded.

- Latex Free
- 6P Phthalate Free


  • PER Material contains no harmful Phthalates or heavy metals
  • Bag made of recycled PET (beverage bottles)
  • Fold lines for easy packing


  • Easier to pack and carry than standard yoga mats
  • Excellent traction and cushion
  • Bag protects mat and keeps it compact

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