Feather Yoga Mat 3/16in 5mm

Feather Yoga Mat 3/16in  5mm
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Yoga Mat

Focus your mind on the calming flow of yoga with the imagery and design of ​Sweat in Style Fitness' ProSource Feather Yoga Mat. The graceful, floating feather reinforces a mindset of peace and relaxation. The 5mm yoga mat is eco-friendly and provides the stability needed for balance, as well as cushion between your body and the ground.

The Feather yoga mat inspires grace and ease as you flow through movements during your practice. At 3/16mm, it is the ideal thickness for stability and comfort, and rolls up easily for carrying and storage. The eco-friendly design is made without harmful toxins to protect your health as well as the environment. The non-slip textured surface coated for odor and moisture-resistance, so it works well for all styles, from basic stretching to hot yoga, and suits yogis of all experience levels.

  • 72”L x 24”W and 3/16” thickness offers ultimate comfort
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic PVC mat protects you and the environment
  • Exclusive printed design with light-track and non-slip surface
  • Moisture-resistant coating protects from odor and bacteria
  • Travel friendly for the yogi on the go

Dimensions: 72"L x 24"W x 3/16"Thick 

Material: PVC

Care: Use light soap or water. Wipe the mat with a clean wet sponge or rag. Airdry before rolling.

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