Wearable Technology is making Fitness Fun & Effective!

Posted by Ericka Axtle-Ludwig 08/14/2016 1 Comment(s)


Wearable Technology is making Fitness Fun & Effective!



Sweat In Style Fitness takes a broad look at one of the hottest “trends” as new and exciting exercise routines & fitness trackers make their way to the top of the fitness world. 




You can’t walk into a Best Buy, Apple store or even a Wal-Mart these days without seeing something on wearable tech.  We all stop and take at least a few minutes to read the descriptions on how these new devices will change how you can reach your fitness goals quickly and efficiently.  As the technology (and popularity) continues to grow so does the number of choices and options to the point at which you need to have a technical advisor to help you sort it all out.   But we’re not here to help complicate things.  On the contrary, at Sweat in Style Fitness we think that anything that can help us achieve our health and fitness goals is always a positive.  Finding or MAKING time to stay happy and healthy takes more effort than ever before so “bring on the tech” if it’s going to help us reach our goals.



Here are just a few of the benefits we believe you can get from exercising your right to flex your wearable muscles.

  • Safety: Continuous monitoring of personalized physical & medical information allows you to max out your workouts but keeps you monitored be it at the gym or a cross country run.
  • Motivation:  Imagine having a personal trainer with you 24/7 at the touch of a button.   If you’re not ready for a trainer then how about a personal assistant recording your data and keeping you informed?  Set and measure your goals to push yourself to reach them. But the personal trainer technology is already making its way into wearables and it is the next level of technical sports science. 
  • Fashionable:  More style options are becoming the norm.  Changeable bands, necklaces, smart clothes that eliminate wires, meet form & function and still keep you in style.  Accessorize, look good and stay fit, what more can you ask for?



So the next time you stop to stare at that futuristic looking watch or get fascinated by a pair of socks or a shirt that can monitor your athletic performance and spur you to the next level,  just ask yourself,  can it help me achieve my health & fitness goals?  If the answer is yes then it’s time to take the quantum leap of faith and see for yourself why it’s high on our list of fitness trends for 2016 and likely far beyond!

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I'd love to hear what people are thinking are the hottest wearables out on the market today?

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