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What Does Happiness have to do with Your Health?


Sweat in Style Fitness wishes everyone would have a healthy lifestyle. Does happiness effect your health? Are happier people healthier than those who live in a sad, angry, or depressed state? Here are 5 reasons happiness helps your health:


Happiness can affect your heart. Happy people have lower heart rates and lower blood pressure according to a 2005 study and others. Love is also shown to affect happiness levels that affect heart rate and blood pressure.


Heart with vital signs and reasons happiness affects heart health


Over 200 studies have found that happiness can also lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. Being a happy person does not mean that you won’t have a heart attack, but it can lower your risks. Research has shown that happy people tend to be more outgoing and have better health practices than people with a more negative outlook.

Researcher, Robert Holden, has found that happiness goes hand in hand with general health. Happiness lowers the risk for psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress.


A scientific study of 160 subjects has proven that happy people live longer! The study found over a series of years, including a study of 5,000 college students over a forty year period, peers that have happier lives tend to outlive those who stress and have negative outlooks. The study shows those with positivity believe that they can do more and accomplish greater things that leads them to longer lives.


Elderly couple piggy back and happy on the beach with keys to live longer


Healthiness can make you happy. Happiness has been shown to improve your health, but did you know being healthy can make you happier? Healthy lifestyles, such as eating a healthy and well balanced diet, working out regularly, and being social can lead to a happier life.


These 5 reasons that happiness and health go together can improve your lifestyle. Happiness is not a cure to disease or sadness but it can improve your life.


Happy woman jumping at beach - Be Happy-Be Healthy

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