Fall into Fitness with Style!

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Fall into Fitness With Style!


5 Tips to keep your Summer Body from changing like the seasons




Now that Summer has come to an end there are plenty of new opportunities to keep your body from losing that firm and fit feeling as quickly as the leaves change color and fall from the trees.  At Sweat In Style Fitness we know that Health & Fitness is a yearlong and lifelong endeavor. So keep your Summer bodies going into Fall and beyond with these 5 tips to embrace the change in seasons as much as you’ve embraced the positive benefits of feeling and looking your best all Summer long!


  1. Outdoor Activities


With the change in season comes a change in the types of outdoor activities available for exercising.  Running is now a top choice that temperatures are more pleasant. Get out and knock off a couple mile run in the morning or in the evening in comfort. Get Inspired by the experts. Going for that day hike at the lake, or that bike ride on a local mountain trail is almost too hard to resist in cooler weather.  But don’t forget safety! Shorter days makes running or biking at dusk or in the dark something you should be prepared for with the proper reflective clothing and lights.  Same goes for outdoor adventurers.  Make sure you have the proper gear and know your surroundings well before taking that longer or harder trail just because the weather feels great. But with a little prep, you can be safe and enjoy the best the outdoors have to offer.





   2. Making time for yourself


For both the working and the stay at home parent, the kids are back in school so no excuses for not hitting the gym early or fitting in a quick home workout! Let’s face it, you get up early, get the kids off to school so why not carve out some extra time for taking care of the most important person in your life, yeh that’s right, that person is you!  If you are not at your best your entire family and those you care about suffer since they won’t be getting the best you have to offer. Being tired, run down and overstressed from work and life challenges saps your energy and leaves you vulnerable to making unhealthy choices in diet and exercise. Capitalize on “any” opportunity to squeeze in some extra fitness activities to your day, you and your loved ones will definitely notice the difference.



   3. Make Fashion a Motivator


Explore new looks with the fall fashion options in workout clothes. Switch out those shorts for some dazzling tights and get yourself a trendy scarf or sweater that’s athleisure style. Look stylish and make it easy to hit the gym before picking up the kids or as a time saver running errands after getting in a good workout.  Remember, if you look good, you feel good!  Motivation comes from many sources and looking sharp in your Facebook posts and selfies sure goes a long way to telling the world you work hard for your health and happiness.



   4. Commit, Commit, Commit


Be persistent and stay committed!  You’ve often heard it takes 21 days for a new habit to stick, or it takes 4 weeks to build a new routine etc. With the change of seasons don’t let those little things like chilly mornings or shorter days derail your fitness efforts!  Stay the course and build new Fall habits that equal or surpass the fitness and exercise efforts you built all summer long. Start now and you’ll be cruising along without skipping a beat before you even notice the leaves are off the trees!



   5. Have Fun


Most of all, have fun and allow yourself to embrace the change and variety you can build into your fitness routine. Variety is the spice of life they say so why not enjoy the number of new fitness activities a change in Season brings.  New healthy foods, outdoor activities, and new routines lead to meeting new people and making new friends.  If you make it fun it will make it easy for you to continue your fitness journey through all the seasons and all of your life!




About the author-  Ericka Axtle-Ludwig – Owner of Sweat In Style Fitness - is an avid Health & Fitness Enthusiast, Mother, Entrepreneur and passionate advocate for animal rights.  She lives in the Northeastern U.S. with her husband, daughter and multiple pets.  



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